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Курсы английского языка для детей 1 уровня

Этот уровень отлично подойдёт для первоклашек. К нему можно приступать после изучения алфавита и обучения чтению.
Если ребёнок не знает алфавит, то обычно мы за первое полугодие успеваем его пройти и обучиться чтению.

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Курсы английского языка для младших школьников

План занятий курса английского языка для детей, изучающих иностранный язык первый год:

Core: Rosy, Tim, Billy, Miss Jones, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue
Extra: Hello, Goodbye, Hi, class, cousin, sorry, come on, sing, rainbow, everyone, come, fun, too 

Hello. Goodbye. How are you? I’m fine, thank you.
What’s your name?
My name’s…
How old are you?

Unit 1. What’s this?
School things
Core: pen, rubber, pencil, ruler, book, bag, door, window
Extra: look at, train, school things, open (v), close (v), pencil case, see, like (v), school bag, OK

What’s this?
It’s a pen.

Unit 2. Playtime!
Core: doll, ball, teddy, puzzle, car, kite, bike, train
Extra: toy, big, love (v), favourite, furry, fat, lovely, animal, colour (n)

my / your
This is my bag.
Is this your teddy?
Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

Unit 3. This is my nose!
My body
Core: arms, nose, face, legs, ears, fingers, hands, eyes
Extra: Let’s, put on, point to, now, that’s right, all, Oops!, mess, 
make, colour (v), then, body, cut (out), fold (v), paper, paw, stick (v), 
tail, long
arm / arms
This is… 
These are…
Unit 4. He’s a hero!
Core: teacher, pupil, housewife, fireman, pilot, doctor, 
policeman, farmer
Extra: hero, Grandma, Grandpa, meat, kind, meet, lane, again, 
eat, write, brother, happy, family, uncle
She’s / He’s a teacher.
Is she / he a teacher?
Yes, she is. / No, he isn’t.
Unit 5. Where’s the ball?
The park
Core: seesaw, slide, net, swing, tree, pool, ice cream, frisbee
Extra: good try, under, on, in, goal, where, park, nice, cool, play (v), 
boy, girl, football, help (v)
Where’s the ball?
It’s in / on / under the bag
Unit 6. Billy’s teddy! 
My family
Core: mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt, 
uncle, cousin
Extra: find, the others, know, family, lots of, love (n), look (out of ), 
photo, throw, still, flying, into, at, they
Possessive ’s
This is Mum’s book.
Unit 7. Are these his trousers?
My clothes
Core: dress, socks, T-shirt, trousers, shorts, shoes, coat, hat
Extra: basket, clothes, every, day, try on, team, his, her, what about
This is her / his T-shirt.
Are these his socks?
Yes, they are. / No, they 
Unit 8. Where’s Grandma?
My house
Core: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, 
garden, upstairs, downstairs, house, flat
Extra: certificate, well done, good, work, show (v), surprise, follow, go, 
through, table, chair, want, little, next door, balcony, TV
Is she in the kitchen?
Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.
Are they in the garden?
Yes, they are. / No, they 
Unit 9. Lunchtime!
My lunch box
Core: lunch box, sandwich, drinks, apple, banana, biscuit, tomato, 
pear, grapes
Extra: lunchtime, choose, share, cheese, water, get, lunch, chirp, say, 
today, inside
I’ve got two sandwiches.
I haven’t got my lunch 
an apple 
(an + a, e, i, o, u)
Unit 10. A new friend!
My friends
Core: long, short, blond, brown, curly, straight
Core: square, circle, triangle, rectangle
Extra: hair, over there, new, friend, side, the same, smooth, round, just, 
count, dear, picture, great, best, tall, tell, from, jumper
He’s / She’s / It’s got…
He / She / It hasn’t got…
Unit 11. I like monkeys!
The zoo
Core: elephant, giraffe, monkey, big, tall, little, tiger, snake, parrot
Extra: zoo, funny, hip hooray, growl, hiss, squawk, hear, listen, true, top, 
leaves, tongue, guess, wrong, on top of, head, neck, at all, there, food, 
pretty, next, first
I like monkeys.
I don’t like elephants.
They’re big.
I’m little.
Unit 12. Dinner time!
Core: rice, meat, carrots, yogurt, fish, bread
Core: milk, juice, water
Extra: finished, dinner time, drink (v), late, school, café, dessert, hungry, 
menu, because
Do you like carrots?
Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
What do you like?
I like yogurt.
Unit 13. Tidy up!
My bedroom
Core: rug, bed, cupboard, shelf, pillow, blanket
Numbers 11–20
Core: eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, 
eighteen, nineteen, twenty
Extra: tidy up, tidy, room, more, get in, put, star, letter, 
This cow is bigger than
that cow.
Unit 14. Look at the photos!
Core: kind, naughty, wet, dry, fridge, photo
Tidying up
Core: tidy, untidy, floor, rubbish
Extra: duck, each, play (n), year, wolf, hood, costume, scary, proud, act (v), 
hard work, brilliant, ready, tidy up
Past simple:
I / He / She was happy.
I / He / She wasn’t naughty.
You were kind.
They weren’t dry.
Unit 15. Well done!
Core: man, men, woman, women, child, children
Ordinal numbers
Core: first, second, third, fourth
Extra: prize-giving, prize, winner, some, any, race, heavy, lose, runner, 
fairground, round and round, field, move, real, hurrah!, fresh, miss (v), go back
Past simple:
There were some teachers. 
There weren’t any children.
Irregular plurals.

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