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Курс английского языка 2 уровня

Этот курс английского языка для начальной школы можно проходить, когда завершено обучение по первому уровню.


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Курсы английского языка для младших школьников

План занятий курса английского языка для детей 8 лет:

  Vocabulary Grammar
My family
Revision: family words, adjectives, numbers 1–100
Core: months of the year
Present simple with be and got
I’m seven. We’ve got two cousins.
Past simple with be
It was sunny. 
The children were happy.
The red car is bigger than the blue car.
Unit 1.
They’re from
Core: Egypt, the UK, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Australia, 
the USA, Brazil
Seasons / Home
Core: spring, summer, autumn, winter, garden, season
Present simple
Where are you from?
I’m from Egypt.
Where is he from?
He’s from Brazil.
Unit 2.
My weekend
Core: read comics, skateboard, do gymnastics, play chess, fish, 
play basketball, take photos, play volleyball, play the guitar, 
shop, cook, paint, play the piano, visit family
like + verb + ing
I like reading.
I don’t like fishing.
Does he like playing chess?
Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t
Unit 3.
My things
My things / phrasal verbs
Core: computer, TV, DVD player, CD player, MP3 player, 
camera, turn on, turn off
Core: stickers, posters, comics, postcards, badges, shells
your / our / their
That’s their CD player.
Can for permission / requests
Can I use your computer?
Yes, you can. / No, you can’t. 
Can you turn off the DVD player, 
Unit 4.
We’re having
fun at the
Water sports
Core: swim, sail, dive, surf, kayak, windsurf, snorkel, waterski
Adjectives to describe places
Core: polluted, clean, dangerous, safe, beautiful, ugly
Present continuous: affirmative 
and negative
I’m swimming.
We’re sailing.
She isn’t snorkelling.
They aren’t waterskiing
Unit 5.
A naughty
Zoo animals
Core: penguin, zebra, monkey, kangaroo, camel, lizard, 
flamingo, crocodile
Adjectives to describe emotions and things
Core: angry, scared, free, sorry, funny, kind
Present continuous: questions 
and short answers
Is the crocodile eating the 
Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.
Are they eating?
Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t
Unit 6.
Jim’s day
Daily routine
Core: have a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, have 
breakfast, brush my hair, get up, catch the bus, walk to school
Time words
Core: first, then, next, finally, every day, at the weekend
Present simple: affirmative, 
negative, and questions
I have breakfast at eight o’clock.
He doesn’t get up early.
Do they live in a big house?
Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.
What time does he start work?
Unit 7.
to go!
Places in town
Core: café, library, museum, playground, shopping mall, 
sports centre, swimming pool, cinema
Core: play, theatre, concert, actor, film, singer
Present simple and 
adverbs of frequency
always, sometimes, never
I sometimes go to the library.
Prepositions of time: on, 
at, in
My birthday is in May
Unit 8.
I’d like a
Core: pasta, bread, cereal, meat, melon, cucumber, onion, lemon, 
potato, butter, cheese, salt, pepper, peas
Countable and 
uncountable nouns
a / an / some
I’d like / Would you like…?
Unit 9.
the fastest
animal in
the world?
Describing places
Core: lake, mountain, waterfall, ocean, wide, big, deep, high, 
building, country, bridge, river, old, long
Russia is bigger than the UK.
The highest mountain in the 
world is Mount Everest.
Unit 10.
In the park!
In the park
Core: path, grass, flowers, bin, trees, playground, fountain, litter
Core: shout, chase, catch, meet, cross, laugh
must / mustn’t for rules 
and obligations
You must turn off your 
mobile phone. 
You mustn’t shout
Unit 11.
In the
Core: ferry, bus, helicopter, motorbike, plane, taxi, train, tram
Core: along, through, in the middle / at the top of, between, inside
Past simple with be
There was / wasn’t / were / 
weren’t … 
lots of, some, any
Time phrases: yesterday, 
last week / year / Monday, 
(fifty years) ago, then
Unit 12.
A clever
Adjectives to describe people
Core: old, young, handsome, pretty, short, tall, shy, friendly, 
cheerful, miserable, relaxed, worried, mean, generous
Past simple with be and 
have: affirmative and 
I wasn’t tall when I was five.
He had black hair when he 
was young.
Unit 13.
The Ancient
Core: start, finish, love, hate, want, use, laugh, live
Adjectives to describe things
Core: heavy, light, hard, soft, easy, difficult
Past simple with regular 
verbs: affirmative and 
They lived 5,000 years ago.
They didn’t cook pizza.
Unit 14.
Did you
have a
good day at
School things
Core: paint, paintbrush, calculator, lunch box, dictionary, PE kit, 
backpack, apron
Camping things
Core: tent, sleeping bag, frying pan, matches, rope, torch
Past simple questions
Did you have a good day?
Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.
Wh- questions: what / 
when / where
What did you watch last 
night? A film.
Unit 15.
Holiday things
Core: suitcase, sun cream, towel, soap, shampoo, hairbrush, 
toothbrush, toothpaste
Time words
Core: tomorrow, later, tonight, this afternoon, soon, next week
going to + verb
He’s going to play 
basketball tomorrow.
Are you going to swim in 
the sea?
Yes, I am. / No, I’m not

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