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Курс английского языка для 8 и 9 класса

Этот курс иностранного языка подойдёт для учеников 8-10 классов. Но далеко не каждый ученик, который только в школе изучал английский, сможет "потянуть" этот уровень. Мы с уверенностью принимаем своих учеников на этот уровень, а новичков проверяем при помощи тестирования уровня знаний по английскому языку.

Подготовка к экзаменам FCE и ЕГЭ.

Учебный план:

Unit 1. Study plans The Martians are not coming
-ing form v infinitive
-ing form v infinitive
Things to do
Brown University, USA
Sentence stress
FCE Paper 3 Part 1
FCE Paper 1 Part 2
Upper Intermediate Test 02
Past simple v past continuous
First day at school
Present perfect continuous: use
Mixed tenses
Make v do: A-L
Word stress
Unit 2. Work experience Tsunami
Working in a restaurant
At work
Meaning of phrasal verbs
Phrasal verbs
Are they angry?
FCE Paper 4 Part 3
FCE Paper 1 Part 1
Upper Intermediate Test 10
Past perfect simple v continuous
Past simple v past perfect
Would v used to: past habits v past states
Used to v past simple
-ing forms and infinitives
-ing forms and infinitives
Unit 3. Space and time Future tenses: will/won't v going to v present continuous
Future tense contrasts
Email about future plans
Word formation - affixes: prefixes
Negative adjective prefixes
Word stress
FCE Paper 1 Part 3
FCE Paper 4 Part 1
Upper Intermediate Test 07
What are your plans?
Future in the past
Future perfect simple v continuous
The rain will have stopped by then
Future tenses
Travel around the world
Unit 4. Extraordinary behaviour Travelling light
Comparative adjectives: (not) as ... as; less ... than
Determiners - quantifiers: (not) enough, too + adj + infinitive
Hard times prison
Describing people
Nouns from adjectives
Changing stress in nouns and adjectives
Pronunciation of the article the
FCE Paper 3 Part 2
FCE Paper 3 Part 3
Upper Intermediate Test 09
Comparison of adverbs: comparatives
Comparison of adverbs: superlatives
Articles: contrast of all forms
Modifiers: use of so, such, too, enough, quite
Noun suffixes
Unit 5. Money talks Companies
Quotations about money
A banking complaint
Connecting phrasal verbs
FCE Paper 3 Part 1
FCE Paper 4 Part 3
Upper Intermediate Test 14
Obligation/necessity: must, have to
Permission: can, may, be allowed to
Obligation/necessity: need, needn't, must, mustn't, have to, don't have to, needn't have, didn't need to.
Modal verbs
A money problem
Visit to a shipwreck
Modal verb structures
Silent consonants
Unit 6. Healthy habits Conditional sentences
A visit to London
Mixed conditional
Conditional sentences
Getting to work
If only you had a job!
An ageing film star looks back
Fast food
What food is good for you?
Food and nutrition
Rhythm stress in second conditional
Sentence stress
FCE Paper 3 Part 4
FCE Paper 4 Part 4
Learning English
Unit 7. What's hot, what's not Reported speech: changes
Warehouse fire
Scissor Sisters
Word stress in compound nouns
Words with more than three syllables
FCE Paper 3 Part 3
Upper Intermediate Test 06
Reported speech: past reporting verbs
Reported speech: tense changes
Say v tell: differences and uses
Quiz show
Reporting verbs
Johnny Depp
Unit 8. Disaster areas Ryan's new song
Wonders of the world
Win a luxury Caribbean holiday!
Natural disasters
Verbs followed by prepositions: about, at, for, from, in
Verbs and prepositions
Vowel sounds
Consonant sounds
FCE Paper 3 Part 4
FCE Paper 4 Part 1
Passive forms
The passive: impersonal statements
The passive: infinitive
Unit 9. High-tech heaven Defining v non-defining relative clauses: punctuation
Defining v non-defining relative clauses: use of that
Relative pronouns
Agatha Christie
Relative clauses: word order
Prepositions in relative clauses
Comments on the cinema
A burglary
Computer crisis
I couldn't live without it
Computer games
Weak and strong forms of that
Rhyming words
FCE Paper 4 Part 4
FCE Paper 1 Part 3
Upper Intermediate Test 05
Unit 10. Breaking news Inversion: statements
Not a good move
Participle clauses
Embedded questions: use
Hotel requests
Question tags
In the news
News items on the radio
A daring bank robbery
Question tags
Single vowel sounds
FCE Paper 1 Part 2
FCE Paper 4 Part 2
Upper Intermediate Test 08
Participles: clauses
Question tags
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